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Mystery Weed Fighter

Last post, we talked about weeds. Now, what would you say if you heard there was something out there that did the following? Got rid of weeds; spread high-quality fertilizer in so doing; did just as good a job on steep, difficult spots as on the flat; used no chemicals; required no heavy machinery or permits, even for major jobs; and charmed onlookers. Are you stumped? The answer is… Continue reading


Can Permaculture Save My Garden? (part 2)

I got some cardboard. I took it out front, to my street-side garden bed. I spread it on the grass and watered it well. Next step, compost: I turned my pile to find out what I had cooking under there. Good stuff: warm, rank and sweet; soil in the making. But, since I don’t yet… Continue reading

Can Permaculture Save My Garden? (part 1)

Last fall, my young family and I moved to a new house: a tidy two-bedroom on about a quarter acre, 5 or 10 miles from city center. It has two cherry trees, a garden strip on the front edge of the lawn, and a fenced back yard bordered with rose, hydrangea and holly. It’s a … Continue reading

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We sell beef. 100% pastured.

We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.