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Rotting wood is rich stuff. In a forest, trees fall down and rot all the time. Along the way, they get buried under layers of leaves, needles and dirt. The result? Mounds of rich, broken-down biomass sustaining a huge diversity of life: mushrooms, moss, ferns, all kinds of bugs and grubs, and so on. Hugelkultur … Continue reading

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

Introducing a fine idea from Fern Richardson, author of lifeonthebalcony.com. As the name of her blog suggests, she’s full of really good ideas for gardeners-at-heart who happen to live in the city. Emphasis: container gardening. She’s also got articles on how to make your own liquid fertilizer, or your own bird bath.┬áTake a look – … Continue reading

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We sell beef. 100% pastured.

We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.