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My Chicken Stopped Laying!

Have your chickens ever gone on strike? It’s frustrating when your flock stops laying, especially if you’re not sure why… or when they might start up again. If you’re new to keeping hens, or you just acquired a few new ones, a lapse in production is especially disconcerting. Hang in there. Chances are, there’s a … Continue reading

Got Pests? Get Diatomaceous Earth

Meet diatomaceous earth, a totally natural, non-toxic insecticide. It’s a fine, white powder which looks something like lime. But whereas lime is calcium oxide treated with water, diatomaceous earth is a soft, sedimentary earth made of fossilized algae. It’s abrasive to the touch, and under a microscope you can see why; it’s made of sharp, … Continue reading

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We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.