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Apple Cider Vinegar (for Horses, Chickens, Cows or What Have You)

Have you got sheep? Goats? A flock of urban chickens? Apple cider vinegar – for horses, poultry, sheep or any kind of livestock – is a great idea. It’s an immune booster. It’s a medicine. You could even argue it’s a source of sustenance! But let’s cut to the chase. You’re here to learn how to use it, right? Well, here’s the optimal ratio. Continue reading


My Chicken Stopped Laying!

Have your chickens ever gone on strike? It’s frustrating when your flock stops laying, especially if you’re not sure why… or when they might start up again. If you’re new to keeping hens, or you just acquired a few new ones, a lapse in production is especially disconcerting. Hang in there. Chances are, there’s a … Continue reading

Chick Startup: What Does it Cost?

Recently one of our readers asked what’s the up-front cost on keeping chickens. Excellent question. Without further ado, here’s the answer. CHICKS Let’s start with the fun part. Chicks at our Farm & Garden Center are $5/ each. Portland allows you to keep up to 3 chickens without a permit; Beaverton, 4. So, think $15 … Continue reading

Chicken Class Win!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to last weekend’s chicken class, here’s the story. In short: it was a crazy fun night! We had a pretty good crowd, among whom was a family of four, plus three other folks who already had chicks or pullets at home. The instructor, Renee Wrede, … Continue reading

Chicken Fact Sheet

Here’s a brief run-down, for your reference, on how to care for chickens. Of course, we could go into much greater detail, but this should help with the basics. WHAT TO EXPECT OF YOUR CHICKEN The average hen will live 10 to 15 years. She’ll start laying at 20 weeks old, and keep it up … Continue reading

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We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.