We carry a variety of vegetable, flower and herb seeds for your garden. We especially love old, traditional varieties whose seeds you can collect and save for yourself. Come down and browse.


Seed Savers Exchange LogoSeed Savers Exchange
Vegetables, herbs, flowers, transplants, potatoes, garlic, cooking beans.A non-profit seed purveyor from Decorah, Iowa since 1975, with many thousands of heirloom garden varieties.

“Our mission is to save North America's
diverse, but endangered, garden heritage for future
generations by building a network of people
committed to collecting, conserving and sharing
heirloom seeds and plants, while educating people
about the value of genetic and cultural diversity.”
Nichols Garden NurseryNichols Garden Nursery
Herbs, lawn mixes, cover crops, vegetables, flowers, roots, bulbs, garlic.A Willamette Valley nursery focused on bringing people closer to nature through gardening.

“Nothing can equal the sense of accomplishment
of growing hundreds of pounds of vegetables from
a few ounces of seeds.... Gardening keeps us
physically active while providing a source of many
of our most nutritious and delicious meals just a
few steps away from our back door.”
Territorial Seed CompanyTerritorial Seed Company
Vegetables, garlic, shallots, onions, cover crops, flowers, herbs, potatoes.A regional seed company since 1979, originally founded by Steve Solomon, “a capital-O Organic gardener with capital-O Opinions.”

“Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon
which our lives depend. We must protect this
foundation as a safe and genetically stable source
for future generations... we wish to support
agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils,
genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and
ultimately people and communities.”
High Mowing Organic SeedsHigh Mowing Organic Seeds
Vegetables, flowers, herbs, cover crops.Farm-based, regionally rooted, education-focused and dedicated to helping people rebuild their local food systems.

“We believe in a deeper understanding of how
re-built food systems can support health on all
levels – healthy environments, healthy
economies, healthy communities and healthy
bodies. We believe in a hopeful and inspired
view of the future based on better stewardship
for our planet.”



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