Chicks & Hatching Eggs
Chicks available at Ludeman's

Chicks available at Ludeman’s

If you’re looking for chicks, drop by any time. To check ahead, call at (503) 646-6409. For hatching eggs, please write to healingponds@gmail.com to arrange pickup ahead of time.

(And if you’re curious what a “breeder’s dozen” is, think “baker’s dozen” – that is, 13.)

We also have egg-ready pullets, right on the verge of starting to lay. As soon as a pullet becomes a hen, she begins the most prolific part of her egg-laying career. (After her first year, a chicken lays fewer, but slightly larger, eggs each year.) The point: if you don’t want to raise chicks, you can skip straight to the eggs and get in on the most fertile and productive period of your new hen’s life. To arrange pickup, write to healingponds@gmail.com.

For pictures of our birds and info on how we keep them, click over to our “Meet Our Animals” page (it’s listed under “Info” on the navigation bar) and choose from the list: chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. The chicks we hatch on our farm are bred from pastured parents with a lot of land to roam, and raised on big, grassy pastures with loving, natural care, on 100% organic feed.

BABY CHICKENS ~ $6/ each & up

Americauna Cuckoo Maran
Black Star Salmon Faverolle
Black Australorp Gold Laced Wyandotte
Light Brahma Silver Laced Wyandotte
Austra White Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock


Broad-breasted White Bourbon Red
Broad-breasted Bronze Narragansett


Buff (unsexed) Runner (females, coming 9/14)
Pekin Welsh Harlequin (unsexed, coming 9/21)


Saxony Ancona
Pekin Golden 300
Muscovy Golden 300/Rouen mix

FERTILE CHICKEN EGGS ~ $1/ egg, $10/ breeder’s dozen

Red Wyandotte Red Star
Silver-laced Wyandotte Black Star
Mallard Ancona
Rhode Island Red Delaware
Barred Plymouth Rock Black Jersey Giant ($2/egg, $22/ breeder’s doz.)


Chinese Goose (limited availability, $3/egg) Bourbon Red Turkey ($3/egg, $34/ breeder’s doz.)

FERTILE DUCK EGGS ~ $2/ egg, $22/ breeder’s dozen

Pekin Magpie
Muscovy Golden 300

We stock high-quality feed, plus all the supplies you’ll need to raise and keep chickens.

And, because we keep them ourselves, we have lots of great advice. Contact us at (503) 646-6409 for suggestions on how to care for any of these birds, at all ages. We’ll offer only healthy, natural solutions, and we love answering questions.



6 thoughts on “Chicks & Hatching Eggs

  1. I’m looking for 2 female black magpie ducks. Do you have any?

    Posted by michael barnett | June 20, 2012, 12:00 pm
  2. Hey! I’m new to chickens, but I’ve been wanting to get 2-4 hens to live in my backyard. I’ve been looking at the Silver Laced Wyandotte, the Gold Laced Wyandotte, the Rhode Island Red, and the Austra White, but that is purely for their looks. Can someone recommend a few nice breeds for beginners? I’m looking for calm, quite hens, as I live in a neighborhood. Thanks!

    Posted by Simcha | October 10, 2012, 8:08 am
    • Wyandottes are a great choice. Rhode Island Reds are fine, but if you’re free-ranging your hens in your back yard and you have small children, you’d be better off with a different breed; Reds can have fiery tempers. With older kids or adults, though, they usually do just fine. Americaunas are a wonderful breed as well, high-performing, pretty and a very reasonable disposition. People also love the gentle Orpington (Buff or otherwise).

      Note: we’re moving our blog! Please direct any future comments to healingponds.com. Thanks, see you there!

      Posted by Healing Ponds Farm | October 17, 2012, 11:32 am


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