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We’re Moving Our Blog!

If you follow this blog, or visit from to time, please note: we’ve got a new website! Our new address is HealingPonds.com. Please take a moment to bookmark it. If you’d like to keep getting a note whenever we publish a post, go to this page and fill out the “subscribe” box, toward the bottom of the sidebar. … Continue reading

Easy Cheeses

A morning of discussion, information, hands-on learning and cheese-tasting! Cream cheese and ricotta are quick and easy cheeses, which anyone can make with some very basic equipment. Learn the the basics of cheesemaking. Pick up some useful cheese-related vocabulary. Discover common and uncommon ingredients. Find out how to use kitchen utensils that you already have for making… Continue reading

Beyond Yogurt

A morning of discussion, information, hands-on learning and cheese-tasting! Learn the simple steps to making yogurt, cultured buttermilk and kefir at home. See it in action, with in-class demonstrations. Find out the difference between thermophillic and mesophillic cultures. Learn how to cultivate them safely in your own… Continue reading

What about Inorganic Farming? (Soil Series Part II)

In Part II of our Soil Series, we expand the notion of organic gardening to include the crucial (and widely neglected) role of inorganic matter. Gary Kline calls himself “a convert from conventional organics.” This sounds funny in a world where usually, if there’s any converting to be done, you’re converting to organics, not from it. But the brand of ecological agriculture that Kline practices goes beyond organics as we know it… Continue reading

Introducing our Soil Series (Part I)

Our next several posts are inspired by a presentation that Gary Kline of Black Lake Organics gave at the Evergreen State College this May. The topic – Soil Analysis and Sustainable Agriculture – is one that Kline considers to be “the most important subject in the world.” Tall claim? Maybe. Then again, is it? Kline says, … Continue reading

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We sell beef. 100% pastured.

We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.