Healing Ponds Farm, one of our Toggenburgs.

Do you see any blackberries in this picture? There’s a reason.

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Toggenburgs are the oldest known dairy goat: a gentle breed from Switzerland’s Toggenburg Valley. Their milk, relatively low-fat and renowned for cheese-making, has a great flavor.

We have four mother Toggenburgs at Healing Ponds Farm. Sheila and Melody are the originals of the herd, currently in their second lactation. April, our youngest mother, is still in her first. We’re happy to say that all four had babies this year: a set of triplets, a set of twins, and two only-kids.

Edward is the father, of course, and the only intact adult male of the herd. But we do have a few wethers as well – one born just last year, at home, plus two Boer/ Nubian crosses we were given.

Together, the herd lives on two acres of rolling, wild pasture, where they enjoy all the grass and blackberry vines they can eat.



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We sell beef. 100% pastured. Ask for details.

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