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Easy Cheeses

…How to Make Cream Cheese and Ricotta at Home

Learn to Make Easy Cheeses

Start Turning Milk into Cheese!

A morning of discussion, information, hands-on learning and cheese-tasting! Cream cheese and ricotta are quick and easy cheeses, which anyone can make with some very basic equipment.

  • Learn the the basics of cheesemaking
  • See it in action, with in-class demonstrations
  • Pick up some useful cheese-related vocabulary
  • Discover common and uncommon ingredients
  • Find out how to use kitchen utensils that you already have for making cheese
  • Taste flavorful cheeses from Healing Ponds Farm!

Ludeman’s Farm & Garden Center
Saturday, December 1, 2012
9:30 to Noon
Admission $10
Get directions

(Call (503) 646-6409 to sign up.)

Dori Oliver created the Nourishing Foodways blog in 2011 from a deep desire to share about food and connect with people. She’s struggled with health problems all her life; today she continues to manage a chronic, longterm illness – yet through study, trial and error, intuition, and the help of supportive health professionals, she’s found clarity on how to live a truly well life.

Raw milk, and the cultured milk that’s made from it, have been integral parts of Dori’s own healing journey. In her home kitchen and on her blog, she endeavors to source her ingredients from:

  • Local, organic and sustainable family farmers, fishermen, and producers
  • Fair-trade, traditional, artisanal, and nutrient-dense foods
  • Co-operatives and other responsible, ethical, community-centered businesses
"These ingredients truly nourish me - body, mind, and spirit. They connect me to forces larger than myself, and they raise-up others
in my community."

She’s honored to be sharing the empowering, health-giving experiences of her own life on her blog, in her workshops, and (this December) in partnership with Healing Ponds Farm at Ludeman’s Farm & Garden Center.

Join Dori at the Ludeman’s Farm & Garden Center for an informal, thorough, question-friendly class, and give yourself a head start on making cheese.


About Healing Ponds Farm

Healing Ponds is 40 acres in Buxton, OR. Our farm store, Ludemans Farm & Garden Center, is in Beaverton. We do open-pollinated seeds, pastured eggs and meats, raw milk herd shares, chicks and a lot of other things.


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