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Two Ways to Heal a Cut

On the farm and elsewhere, wounds happen. Accidents strike in the shop. Livestock get tangled in a fence. The cook cuts a finger while slicing onions.

Our bodies are unbelievably good at healing themselves; they’re even better when we support them in that work. Today, we want to share two simple treatments you can safely use to speed healing when you’ve got a cut or gash of any kind.

Calendula Pellets, Dissolved

Boiron Calendula Pellets

Dissolve 3 to 10 homeopathic calendula pellets in a cup of non-chlorinated water. From time to time – whenever you think of it – splash a little on the cut. You won’t see it on the wound, and it’ll appear to wash off, but the healing action starts as soon as it hits the skin – and goes much further than skin-deep.

Mark Ludeman, farmer at Healing Ponds, recommends this method highly:

"I've seen this method heal many big cuts and gashes, on animals and humans, some of which the doctor or vet said would take
months to heal - with a calendula solution I've seen it heal without a scar, and no infection, in ten days! That includes my friend, who
cut part-way through his three fingers on a table saw. I persuaded the doctor to let me squirt on some calendula before he sewed
them up, and they healed amazingly fast, without a scar."

These pellets, dissolved in water, seem a lot more potent than the calendula creams and gels from the store… and they’re cheaper!

Egg Whites

Egg White

Smear the white of an egg over the wound. When it wears off… smear on some more.

There are a lot of people who have yet to discover the healing ability of egg white. After application, it dries to a protective film. For livestock, this keeps flies from getting in there, and for anyone (human or animal), the egg white promotes the proliferation of new cells, making even the deepest gashes heal quickly without infection. Mark again:

"I have used it on horses, goats and people, for some scary-looking wounds, and they healed up wondrously. I have even used
these two treatments together sometimes."

What’s your favorite way to cure a gash? What tips do you know, to support your body’s healing power? Please share your thoughts in a comment.


About Healing Ponds Farm

Healing Ponds is 40 acres in Buxton, OR. Our farm store, Ludemans Farm & Garden Center, is in Beaverton. We do open-pollinated seeds, pastured eggs and meats, raw milk herd shares, chicks and a lot of other things.


2 thoughts on “Two Ways to Heal a Cut

  1. Very Nice Post!
    We’ve never tried those ideas but we love raw honey and hydrogen peroxide for punture wounds.

    Posted by christinb | July 12, 2012, 12:51 pm

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