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Nutrition 101 and 202

Nutrition doesn't have to be hard.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be hard.

Nutrition is both complex and important. The choices you make can impact your health for better or worse in some pretty big ways, sometimes without you even knowing it.

We’re excited to announce Agnes Prescott’s nutrition series, Nutrition 101 and 202, which will show you new aspects about the connection between food and health, and may even help you restore your body during illness.

But as Agnes says, “We don’t need to be sick to make changes. It is easier to incorporate some of what I teach when we still have our health.”

Healing Ponds Farm & Garden Center (inside Ludeman’s)
12675 Southwest Canyon Rd
Beaverton, OR 97005
Get directions

You can sign up at the store (stop by! directions above), or by contacting Instructor Agnes Prescott: call (503) 816-5419, or write agnes_swiss@msn.com.

Wednesday, July 18th, 7 to 9pm
(or) Saturday, July 28th, 2 to 4pm
Admission $40 (or $75 for both)
$20 nonrefundable deposit

  • Notice your eating choices
  • Discover ways to improve your patterns
  • Taste green Vitamix smoothies in class
  • Learn how to make granola
  • Discuss water, exercise and balance
  • Get resources to work from in the future
  • Take home easy recipes to incorporate in your regular food routines
  • Veggies and fruits available to buy

Wednesday, July 25th, 7 to 9pm
(or) Saturday, August 4th, 2 to 4pm
Admission $40 (or $75 for both)
$20 nonrefundable deposit

  • Discover how the pH balance of the foods you eat affects your body
  • Find out how to combine foods to support your health
  • Understand the alkaline and acidic balance in your diet
  • Learn how to make yogurt
  • Take home recipes for breakfasts, soups and dressings
  • Veggies and fruits available to buy

Agnes Prescott is a professional CNA (certified nurse’s aid) as well as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. Originally from Switzerland, she moved to the US 15 years ago with her family.

Her interest in nutrition began in October 2010, when her husband was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer – the fourth and final stage, and the most serious. Agnes wanted to know if nutrition could help. She started looking for a nutritionist, but couldn’t find one to meet their needs.

"So I researched it all on my own, and really learned a lot - what is good for the body and what not. We figured out a way to bring him
back to health."

Her husband is not cancer-free today, but nutrition made a gigantic impact on his health. He’s doing great, and has been able to work again for almost a year now.

Agnes discovered Healing Ponds Farm & Garden Center while searching for a local source of raw milk. She now gets her milk every week from Mark, and turns it into kefir.

Join Agnes at the Healing Ponds Farm & Garden Center (inside Ludeman’s) for an informative, question-friendly class, and give yourself a head start on being healthy.


About Healing Ponds Farm

Healing Ponds is 40 acres in Buxton, OR. Our farm store, Ludemans Farm & Garden Center, is in Beaverton. We do open-pollinated seeds, pastured eggs and meats, raw milk herd shares, chicks and a lot of other things.


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