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Meaningful Egg Labeling?

Cage-free Organic Eggs

It's cage-free, but is it humane?

This week, we’re enthused to have the opportunity to guest-post at FoodRenegade.com: a blog dedicated to “real food” (as opposed to food that’s packaged, processed, refined and what not).

Pop over there to learn the benefits of raw milk, find out how to make your own (naturally bubbly) fermented lemonade, engage the debate on animal fats, and the like.

But in the meantime, here’s an excerpt from our article:

In light of last October’s 'Scrambled Eggs' report on the virtually meaningless labels found on supermarket eggs, one blogger has had an idea for how to create labels that actually mean something. Friend and blogger for the Oregon-based Ludeman’s, Elisabeth McCumber shares her idea below. What do you think? Would it work?

“Changes for Oregon chickens have been brewing in Salem this week.

“On Wednesday the 25th, the Oregon Senate decided the chickens who lay our eggs should have bigger cages. The plan takes
effect over the next 15 years, so even if today’s chickens have all kicked the bucket by then, at least their granddaughters or
great granddaughters will enjoy a little more elbow room.

“Good news, right? Except that Oregon’s animal rights advocates still aren’t happy. But who’s surprised? When will they be
satisfied? It’s a classic case of 'give a mouse a cookie;' these people aren’t going to lay off until we’ve got every hen on a

“This deserves a little critical analysis. An analogy might help. Mr. Cratchit is, as everyone knows, in the employment of
Ebenezer Scrooge....”

Continue reading at FoodRenegade.com.

Feature photo by mtsofan.


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3 thoughts on “Meaningful Egg Labeling?

  1. Those poor hennies deserve a place large enough to get a dust bath when they want one; they go psychotic in those horrible cages, unable to avoid being pooped on from above, and having both beaks and toes cut so they can’t harm each other… apart from picking out one another’s feathers till they are naked… the hens who are rescued remain in one place with eyes tightly shut. It takes months to rehabilitate psychotic hens… I hope the whole of commercial egg farms is shut down in favor of many small, independent farms that will give those poor things a chance at being normal.

    Posted by Vivian Palmer Harvey | June 1, 2011, 6:17 pm


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